We recently received our ISO 3834 certification and are now accredited to international standards.

Welding quality is of utmost importance to many manufacturers. ISO 3834 is a recognized international quality management system specific to welding processes and applicable to fusion welded metallic materials and independent of the products manufactured. It is also a process control system that ensures welding integrity and fulfillment of the design intent. Welding, therefore, requires continuous control and the use of specific procedures.

HC Heat-Exchangers now has proper and professional:
• Systems and processes in place to manage welding operations.
• Competent people to undertake key welding and responsibilities
• Facilities and equipment that is able to deliver a quality product per the contract

The objective of ISO 3834 is to promote confidence in the quality and safety of welded products as well as maximizing the use of local industry in domestic products and maintenance programmes. For selection of quality level welding, HC Heat-Exchangers shall use the ISO 3834/2 prior to the appropriate engineering judgement in making a final selection, taking all business, safety and environmental risks into account for the equipment being manufactured.

ISO 3834/2 is the level concerning the following comprehensive quality requirements:
Ø Critical safety
Ø Complex welding
Ø Advanced materials

We are tremendously proud of our team for accomplishing such a procedure and undertaking training seriously to ensure that HC keeps producing products according to these international standards.