About Us

HC Heat-Exchangers (HCHE) is a design and manufacturing company, specialising in air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. HC started from The Heating Centre group which was founded in 1973 and subsequently traded under the German based Günter SA banner from 1995 until their withdrawal from South Africa in 2001, after which HC Heat-Exchangers was established from the solid foundation left in place by Günter SA.

Testament to our formidable drive and success we began with a mere 2500m2 floor space and has rapidly expanded since to our new and improved 16000m2 production facility located in the East of Johannesburg. Our combination of teamwork, skills and values serve as a prime example of what is possible when passion and beliefs align.

Contributing towards making us the largest manufacturer of finned tube Heat-Exchangers in Southern Africa, serving both the Commercial and Industrial market segments, is not only the strength and motivation drawn from our strong and dedicated staff complement of over 300 but also the combination of our extensive research and development expertise.

coRemaining at the forefront of design and manufacturing technology with our rich engineering heritage, we continue to grow rapidly from our modest beginnings to the HVAC-empire we are today, attracting new partners in markets outside of South Africa with our wide range of products which are unsurpassed.

We continue to produce products from a standard platform to ensure consistency in the quality of the delivered product. With our expansive industry knowledge and a clear understanding of our customer’s applications, we deliver products tailored to their exact requirements. Always offering the ultimate solution!

With HC Heat Exchangers you can be assured of professional and knowledgeable assistance during the design, installation and commissioning of any project.

Equipment That Performs

HC Heat-Exchangers (HCHE) remains the benchmark in aesthetic appeal, design and build quality.  Providing the industry with complete products ready for installation.  By utilising the latest 3D CAD software, our products are digitally modelled, evaluated and thoroughly tested. This process allows a large number of concepts and designs to be evaluated quickly and efficiently prior to manufacturing working prototypes for further evaluation and testing.

We have an in-house Research and Development department which is an integral part of the business. Not only do we develop new products on site, but also thoroughly test and improve on existing products. Producing a range of equipment, from commercial refrigeration products through to large custom-built units for industrial applications. Our company also produces condensers, evaporators (both flooded and direct expansion), chilled water coils, hot water coils, steam coils and dry coolers. HCHE offers a variety of different construction materials to suit all operating environments including all stainless coils designed and manufactured to SANS 347 and ASME B31-5 specifications.

We are continually innovating and developing new products to better serve our customers, to remain at the forefront of technology and to remain true to our mantra of quality engineering behind every product. “Every one of our products is made to the highest levels of both design and manufacture. Our name is synonymous with excellent quality products that will serve your company well,” cites Kruger.

Customer Focus

Our Customers are important to us. Customer satisfaction is the biggest defining factor of a successful business. If your customers are unhappy with your products or service levels, they are usually quick to voice their displeasure. Dropping the ball here can quickly hurt a company’s reputation, taking many years to bounce back from. One of our core focuses is to ensure constant customer satisfaction across the board.11111

“There is a very definite trend of poor customer service in our industry of late. Many customers come to us complaining about service levels from our competitors, hoping we can provide a solution. We strive to ensure that our customers are well treated and catered for to the highest level. “If a customer requires our help, we can quickly and efficiently handle their request to reach satisfaction,” remarks Kruger.

Suppliers play a vital role in customer service and the business model as a whole. Maintaining the relationships between suppliers and the business is paramount and HCHE take great care in nurturing strong professional relationships with both local and international suppliers. We import around 40% of our raw materials due to a lack of local supply, however, we have a very strong policy to support local suppliers wherever possible.