CSR Policy

1. Introduction
The HC Group of Companies is committed to conducting our business in a manner that promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles. HC recognises that these factors are integral to achieving our vision of providing innovative solutions and our mission of delivering sustainable value and growth to our key stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders. HC’s dedication to CSR values is reflected in our efforts to protecting the environment, as well as our commitment to responsibly trading in the marketplace and reducing our carbon footprint in the environment.

2. Guidelines for Protecting the Environment 

  1. Waste Disposal: We adhere to ethical waste disposal practices by partnering with certified waste disposal suppliers for the disposal of used chemicals and raw materials.
  2. Recycling: We strive to recycle the majority of our used raw materials through partnerships with sheet metal recycling suppliers, and the recycling of used paper from our admin block through paper recycling partners.
  3. Eco-friendly Technology: We are committed to implementing eco-friendly technologies to minimise material wastage during the production process.

3. Commitment to Human Rights

  1. Labour Practices: HC adheres to the South African Basic Conditions of Employment Act, focusing on fair remuneration, workplace rules and regulations, as well as respecting employees’ choice to join a union.
  2. Inclusivity: We foster an inclusive workplace culture that respects the diverse cultural and religious practices of the South African population.
  3. Non-Discrimination: We maintain a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, bribery, bullying, and corrupt practices, ensuring a fair and safe work environment.
  4. Data Protection Policies: HC is committed to the protection of personal information through the South African Protection of Private Information Act (POPIA), which includes our employees, customers, suppliers as well as shareholders information. HC has a cookie as well as POPIA policy disclaimed on our website.

4. Responsible Trading in the Marketplace

  1. Procurement: HC upholds fair procurement and outsourcing practices. Our suppliers undergo vetting and are provided with equal opportunities to submit quotes. Work distribution is determined by factors such as price, quality, and lead time for purchasing goods and services. We prioritise suppliers who exhibit a dedication to sustainability, ethical labour practices, and environmental protection. This approach aims to align with our organisation’s social responsibility goals while also ensuring profitability.
  2. Sales: We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers. We continuously monitor customer feedback to ensure the quality of our service and the fairness of our pricing and lead times.
  3. Local Market: We adhere to a standard price list for our standard product range. Our bespoke solutions are quoted based on a value-add and solution-driven approach, ensuring we offer the best solutions to our local customers.
  4. International Market: As we expand internationally, we invest in software to standardise our pricing and sales strategy worldwide. We continuously monitor exchange rates to ensure accurate pricing. Each branch has a sales target focused on customer satisfaction, service quality, and competitive lead times.
  5. Stakeholder Engagement: HC engages with its key stakeholders; our employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders through regular email communications on the developments within the business as well as scheduled presentations with relevant stakeholders to guarantee the buy in into the HC Group and its objective.

5. Community Work and Volunteering

  1. Community Upliftment: We are invested in uplifting the local community through upskilling, mentoring, and incubation training, as well as investing in young entrepreneurs to ensure the future of the HVACR&E industry.
  2. Volunteering: HC volunteer’s its knowledge and expertise through our training and development courses to combat unemployment in South Africa

6. Environmental and Carbon Footprint

  1. Carbon Footprint: HC is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint across the various industries we serve.
  2. Sustainability Goals: HC is committed to achieving its sustainability objectives. As part of our expansion strategy, we will be establishing international production facilities powered by renewable energy, this initiative will reduce our global carbon footprint. Strategic partnerships with our equipment suppliers will decrease transportation emissions, particularly with suppliers based in Europe.

7. Accountability, Transparency, Competitiveness, and Responsibility

  1. Accountability: Accountability at HC encompasses promptness, efficiency, careful prioritisation, and the follow-through necessary to deliver customised solutions. We set the standard for aesthetic appeal, design, and build quality. Workplace accountability means setting clear expectations and goals while holding employees accountable by defining the business’s vision, mission, values, and objectives. The result is quality product solutions delivered to our customers with employees and shareholders having a vested interest in the growth and development of the organisation.
  2. Transparency: HC maintains transparency in its business operations. We regularly communicate organisational growth, profitability, and developments to our employees.
  3. Competitiveness: HC adheres to the South African Consumer Protection Act and the Competition Act, ensuring all business operations comply with rules, regulations, and acts that promote ethical business practices.
  4. Responsibility: HC’s Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) department ensures a safe work environment and adherence to quality control systems for the safety of our employees and satisfaction of our customers. As an ISO-registered company, we adhere to ISO practices, ensuring continuous compliance and improvement within our organisation.

8. Disaster Response and Crisis Management

  1. Employee Safety: HC prioritises employee safety by conducting monthly safety talks and regular safety drills on our premises. These initiatives together with trained fire marshals and first aiders in the production facility and admin building ensure that our team is well-prepared to respond to any potential emergencies.
  2. Business Continuity Plan: HC has a comprehensive organisational structure and a robust succession plan in place. Our experienced executive team leads the organisation’s objectives, ensuring business continuity even in times of crisis.
  3. Community Support Initiatives: HC is deeply committed to supporting our local community. We run regular initiatives that include training and development programs aimed at uplifting our communities and combating unemployment in South Africa.

This CSR policy is a living document that reflects our ongoing commitment to CSR principles. We will regularly review and update this policy to ensure its alignment with our company’s values and objectives.