Commercial buildings and climate control are always a top talking point and the resultant efficacy of HVAC solutions, within the realm of commercial installations, is paramount. Commercial packaged rooftop HVAC systems, in particular, continue to come to the fore, due to the many advantages that these systems hold. At HC we understand this landscape and the solutions architecture mindset needed to deploy these solutions optimally.

What Are Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units?

Rooftop HVAC Units are single cabinet solutions that incorporate the cooling and/or heating system components together, enclosed in a single unit. Although they can be installed on a slab at a ground flow level, Rooftop Packaged Units are usually installed on the roof of the building. In essence, it provides a single integrated HVAC system for the building.

How our Commercial Rooftop HVAC units operate.

Fresh/Outdoor Air is drawn into the unit through louvres, designed to prevent moisture ingress into the system, and through an adjustable damper that regulates the airflow into the unit. The fresh is mixed with a portion of the return air before passing through the systems’ filters to ensure optimal air quality. The mixed air then comes into contact with heat exchangers or coils, which results in either heating or cooling (depending on the systems’ configuration and operating mode), from where it is distributed through the air ducting system, into the building through the supply air fans.

Our Rooftop HVAC Solutions benefits

There are several reasons for opting for commercial HVAC rooftop solutions from HC, these include:

Optimised Space Utilisation: We are all in need of effecting better utilisation of space and our rooftop units are perfect for this. By moving your HVAC solution to, what is often under-utilised space, the roof, you free up valuable floor space. Quite often very few structural changes are required as many commercial rooftops are flat. Placing these units on the roof helps save valuable indoor space and allows for efficient air distribution throughout the building.

Security Benefits: Theft and vandalism are always a concern and having your HVAC solution roof-bound eliminates this particular series of threats.

Easy Access, limited disruption: Maintenance and repairs are affected with very little impact on your business.

Noise Reduction: Our Rooftop solutions diminish operational noise, positively impacting your work environment, and ultimately improving your business productivity.

Property Management made easy: Landscaping constraints are all but eliminated, with our Rooftop HVAC systems, ensuring that you’re saving time and resources during the installation process.