Petrochemical Chemical

In the realm of chemical and petrochemical processes, HC acknowledges that, while they may not be governed by the same stringent control observed in the pharmaceutical field, they recognise the pivotal role temperature control plays in achieving exceptional efficiency in transformative operations.

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Distillations, crystallisations, and condensations demand proficient heat removal methods; thus, refrigeration systems are imperative to secure desired outcomes. 

Large-scale cooling plants are paramount in the chemical and petrochemical industries, facilitating essential processes. Given these industries’ substantial flow rate requirements and diverse geographical locations, that river water or seawater is often harnessed as the preferred refrigerant choice. 

The common utilisation of compression and absorption cycles in the pursuit of effectively cooling down the hot streams subsequent to heat dissipation during various operations. Additionally, the significance of employing heat exchangers to maximise operational efficiency by efficiently heating other segments of the process that necessitate hot streams. 

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