District Cooling

District cooling is focused on providing a comfortable environment inside buildings, regardless of the temperature outside. A comfortable living environment inside buildings is offered to hotels and urban or commercial areas.

District cooling is based on the centralised generation of cooling streams such as chilled and heated water. This cold or warm water is then distributed to residential and commercial areas, where homes and offices are kept comfortable through the cooling stream. By centralising the cooling process, production costs reduce and efficiencies increase. 

Providing a cooling solution to an entire building means that the operational and maintenance costs of the equipment are shared between the whole built environment and the individual solutions provided by each facility. Providing complete cooling and heating solutions to a commercial building block enables HC to provide the best equipment for the project, whereby the customer benefits considerably in energy savings. 

The equipment size required for the specific area depends on the density of the built environment, which requires comfortable work and living space. District heating and cooling production requires varying equipment and technologies. Maintaining low temperatures on the high pressure side of the system improves efficiencies. This means that water availability plays a significant role in the overall running efficiency of the system; dry coolers and adiabatic condensers offer efficient solutions.

District Cooling 2