Beverage Production

The beverage industry is a diverse landscape comprising two primary sectors: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

beverage industry

The non-alcoholic beverages are made up of Liquid Refreshment Beverages (LRB) such as fruit juice, carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks, bottled water, milk, coffee, and tea. While the alcoholic beverages consist of spirits, wine, and beer. In order to maintain the desired quality, hygiene, and safety of these beverages, precise temperature control is crucial throughout the processing, transportation and storage phases.

Rapid cooling techniques are employed based on the type of beverage product.

After pre-cooling, beverages need to be chilled and maintained at specific temperatures to reduce the risk of bacterial growth. Rapid chilling methods, such as pulldown, holding, or flash freezing, are mentioned to further mitigate this risk. The chilling process typically involves chilling tunnels or chilling rooms. The required temperature range depends on the sensitivity of the beverage product.

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